A downloadable Paradigm Tactician

The Paradigm Tactician, as a combat emphasised class, focuses around the management and switching between three modes or 'Paradigms'. Each Paradigm specialises in a different role in combat: the Assault Paradigm buffs, the Saboteur Paradigm Debuffs and the Medic Paradigm heals.

This class was theorised, designed and created within three days as part of the January 2018 Make-A-Thing Jam hosted on Itch.io and found at makeathing.com.au. The key words for Make-A-Thing were Blip, Kind and Thwart which led into the development of the three Paradigms (Assault, Medic and Saboteur respectively). The Paradigm system is inspired by the Final Fantasy XIII series of games wherein during battle you had to frantically manage the switching of Paradigms that focus
on different aspects of battle. This document was created using The Homebrewery which can be found at homebrewery.naturalcrit.con. 

Born into greatness, with an incredible innate sense for combat, they storm into battle, leading the charge. 

What is talent? Is it something you're born with or is it earned? The Paradigm Tactician through some means or another has come to understand the flow of the tides of battle. Whether through training at a military school or through hard fought battles, they're master tacticians. Rather than focusing on a single aspect of combat, they understand that one person can serve a number of different roles in combat rather than limiting themselves to a single discipline.

Having recently suffered some creative burnout towards game development proper, I decide to branch out and try my hand at developing something for a table top role playing game. Dungeons & Dragons felt like the natural fit for such an attempt due to its perceived usability and popularity. 


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